Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Chronic Pain

Mar 15, 2023
Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Chronic Pain
If you’ve run out of options for managing chronic pain conditions like arthritis or cancer, it’s time to consider the benefits of medical marijuana. Learn how marijuana works on your body and what qualifies you for this type of therapy.

Living with chronic pain is draining, especially when you can’t find a treatment that fits your preferences and lifestyle. Many people searching for pain-relieving strategies are turning to medical marijuana to avoid the side effects that treatments like opioids can cause.

At Zephyr Medical, medical expert Asher C. Goldstein, MD, and our team provide treatment for chronic pain using medical marijuana. We evaluate your overall health to ensure you meet the requirements of the New York State Medical Cannabis Program and can prescribe medical marijuana to control your pain.

How medical marijuana works on chronic pain

Medical marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. This plan contains several active compounds known as cannabinoids that bind to pain receptors in your body. The binding process prevents pain signals from the receptors from traveling to your brain.

The two compounds in cannabis that treat chronic pain are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD isn’t psychoactive like THC and doesn’t cause the “high” people associate with marijuana. However, the compound effectively relieves the pain and reduces inflammation contributing to discomfort.

The medicinal benefits of marijuana depend on the ratio of THC to CBD. In therapeutic applications, cannabis contains higher concentrations of CBD than THC, so you can relieve pain without interfering with your usual activities.

Medical marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for pain and other health issues for people who want to move away from potentially addictive opioids and other medications with potential risks for unwanted side effects.

Candidates for medical marijuana

Our Zephyr Medical team can recommend medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan for chronic pain conditions like:

To determine if medical marijuana is right for you, we complete a physical exam and evaluate the severity of your symptoms. We may recommend marijuana as a single treatment or in combination with other therapies.

We always begin your treatment with conservative strategies to control your pain, but if they aren’t working well for you, we can help you get certified for the medical cannabis program.

What to expect from the medical marijuana certification process

If you’re a candidate for medical marijuana in the treatment of your chronic pain, our team completes the required paperwork so that you can get your certificate.

This certificate allows you to apply for an identification card with the New York State Medical Cannabis Program. You can print a temporary card until the State sends your permanent one.

You fill your medical marijuana prescription at a registered dispensary. Our providers can determine which delivery method is a good fit for you. Medical marijuana comes in several forms, including:

  • Oils
  • Pills
  • Skin balms
  • Vaporized liquids
  • Dried plant materials

We can also recommend CBD-only products that contain no THC compounds so that you can treat pain without the hallucinogenic (high) effects. CBD oils and other products can provide effective and lasting pain relief with minimal risk for side effects.

Call Zephyr Medical to find out if medical marijuana is a treatment option for your chronic pain, or book a consultation online today.